1. my new book VIRTUAL CANDLE. out this year on Space Face Books. 120 pages. full color. collected works. tattoos. comix. drawings. #2014

  2. a cool log i tattooed on my friend leilani. design by leilani. 

  3. a photo taken two weeks ago of me tattooing a cute witch onto my friend Ana’s arm. 

    photo by the amazing Justin Mclean

  4. tattoo of a witchbeing delivering a spell in peace - done on my friend romy during a tattoo tour of sydney in late 2013 inbetween music shows with Le1f <3 <3 <3

    photograph by the phantasmagorically essential Okapi Neon. click the image to follow their blog. <3 <3 <3   

  5. who wants a tattoo from me while i am up in sydney? i will be there from the 10th to the 19th of december. write me - sunsetgradient@gmail.com

  6. soilwitch:

    hey thats my hand, how beautiful is this tattoo that grant did

    tattoo i was honored to do on my amazing friend bras. i still have to go visit and finish it off one of these days. sorry bras ive been either very sad or very busy all of the time!!!! i <3 you!!!!

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  8. armyofklaus:

    Beautiful angel of my life HTMLflowers did a lil tattoo on me of another beautiful angel of my life, Roxy xxxx

    i had the honor of doing this tattoo of my beautiful bb callan’s puppy, roxy on their leg. so happy.

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  9. today i recieved a copy of “Rainer Maria Rilke: Letters To A Young Poet” from my new friend Jacob. I’m very excited about this because in exchange for the gift i am tasked with desiging a tattoo based on Rilke’s beautiful writing and philosophy. These are exactly the type of tattoo projects i love to do! challenging, intimate & unorthodox! Already i have begun reading it - the dude at the seven eleven across the street laughed at me for walking in reading and walking out reading when i was buying milk for coffee, but its cool cause we are friends and i probably do look funny when i walk and read (an old habit of mine). Thank you Jacob!!!!!


  10. betta-fish said: I am an artist/aspiring stick'n'poke tattoo artist, your work inspires me an incredibly large amount. I was wondering what advice you would give- how to practice, the basics, what supplies to use, etc. I know there are a plethora of resources on the Internet and such but I'm not sure what to trust.

    practice on yourself or orange skins or willing friends. make sure everything you use is single use cept the ink & vaseline containers ie. strap the needle onto plastic straws so you can throw the straws away afterwards, if you use and re-use pencils it’s less sanitary obviously. apply this logic to the whole practice and it will be a healthy one. don’t touch those two things, the ink and the vaseline i mean, after you have begun a session until you have gotten rid of everything that has DNA on it & you have thouroughly dis-infected you hands. cover everything in dis-infectant. if you are using a surface spary it down with dis-infectant, let it dry, don’t wipe it, cover it in plastic wrap a few times over. have a spray bottle full of dis-infectant/water waiting. 1 quarter of the bottle should be full of dis-infectant, the rest can be water. wrap this spray bottle in plastic wrap before you begin piercing the skin. every care should be taken to make sure you never touch the bottle with somebodie’s blood on your hands. you should create a space (buy a cabinet or shelf, something you can close is better) that you don’t reserve for anything else, make sure you don’t set it directly on the floor and do everything you can to stop friends putting things on it/playing with it etc. only put your tattoo things in there. it should be a space ONLY for clean tattoo equipment.

    always use gloves, endevour as much as you can to keep peoples blood of you skin and under your finger nails, this means only touching the scarred area with gloves on.

    buy single use sterilized tattoo needles from online, if when you recieve them the packaging is compromised, order some new ones, don’t use those. also buy certified tattoo ink, tattoo standard ink wells to hold the ink while you tattoo & tranfser paper for designs, readily available online as well. just google this shit, reads heaps of different sources, compare and decide what feels right for you.

    i’m no more reliable than any other source you’ll come across, ive gotten to this point from years of comparing my practices with fellow tattooists & reading as many different sources as possible. that’s the best advice i can offer you, read up, stay read up, follow other stick n poke tattoo blogs, learn about general hygiene practices. if you know nurses ask them how the dis-infect/treat ther equipment before giving someone a drip (IV) apply that knowledge to your practice. use common sense, regard everything that has not been dis-infected or has another’s DNA On it as untouchable during the process etc.    

    with all do respect to you and everyone else who write me, please just read through my tattoo section. ive answered alot of questions there already and while i want to help any blooming tattooists, i get sick of fielding the same questions.

  11. photo of a work in progress on my friend bibby’s shoulder in the late afternoon golden sunsetted glow, still dirty & fresh from the tattoo table. more images of this soon.

  12. i found these cute old photos of me giving my brother his first tattoo! the words “twin fates” are also scrawled into my arm. it is our promise to eachother to lead lives that always relate & intersect somehow. i love him so much. 

  13. soilwitch:

    finally i gave myself a nasturtium tattoo /not finished/its gonna trail on more to fill awkward gaps later

    the amazing tattoos of my dear old friend Bras Tree. ain’t noone i’d trust more with my skin. if you wanna know other stick n poke artists in melbourne city, Bras is a good place to start.

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  14. i won’t draw you a headdress

    HEY this is just a heads up, if you write me asking me to simulate something for a tattoo design that has a very specific cultural significance that doesn’t relate to my experience or my heritage then i’m probs not gonna do it. i will make concessions if you can prove you have a legit connection with the culture and you are giving me an express one time only permission to work with whatever motifs or images you may want.

    i am not adverse to drawing inspiration from a story or belief of another culture and working with my own visual dialogue to pay homage to the same notion/belief/philosophy, ie. the concept of being humble, if your example of humbleness came from the lore of another culture then i would try and use my own experiences and motifs to describe what i thought it meant to be humble, that’s cool, but i am not interested in designing you a “mystical” being in a headdress or an “exotic” “ethiopian style” pattern on a tunic of a being or whatvz. you feel me?

  15. this is a tatto design i did based on this beautiful story from andrea:

    Over the years my family had over 27 snakes (everything from a 13ft burmese python to a sinolan milksnake), 2 or 3 dogs, a pot-belly pig, a tarantula, a tortoise, an alligator, various fish and birds, and a shed outside that was full of cages of rats and mice (food for the snakes). My father taught me about animals and was constantly filling me with information. My father used to take some of the snakes and our alligator to elementary schools, he’d teach the kids about the science of reptiles and then let the brave ones touch them. He was so enthusiastic about the whole thing. It was really encouraging and inspired me to take a deeper interest as well.
    I had been welcomed to watch feeding time from a very early age and didn’t think of the rats and mice as anything other than snake food. This was probably my first introduction to the concept of death, and though it was sometimes brutal, it didn’t seem strange. At first, I was only interested in rats in regard to timing how quickly I could snatch them up by the tails. But curiosity had me spending more and more time in the shed with them. I found out how smart they were pretty quickly, and how friendly they could be. I even taught one of them to do tricks. And it really created a moral dilemma for me. I didn’t want them to die anymore and I didn’t think it was fun to watch. I think I just hadn’t realized that they were just as alive and any of the other animals we had, and for that matter, just as alive as I was… but I think that last bit came to me a bit slower than the first.

    It’s hard to explain, but I think that’s when I started realizing that my father had an obsession, not an enthusiasm. I found out later that he had been trading our pets for things like computer and stereo equipment, or other, more exotic pets. Once he had them, they were only commodities again. I’d come home some days and there would be something new or something missing. The pets we had were constantly changing. I don’t remember anything dying of old age. He was always excited when he would bring home something new, and I shared his enthusiasm, but he got bored quickly and became negligent. For example, he once brought home 3 piranhas because he thought they were neat. Once the novelty was over, and he realized that they only really liked to eat fresh raw meat and that was gong to be expensive, he let them eat each other. (This was one of many things I learned later, because I was too young to really see what was going on) He spent money adding to his collections instead of feeding my sister and I, and was often pawning my mother’s things. He was also physically abusive to my mother and I (when I tried to defend her). He was very wise, if you ignored his contradictions and he was very happy and enthusiastic if you were unaware of his hidden anger. These were things I came to understand slowly, because like anyone my father still had plenty of positive qualities..

    So I always wanted to a tattoo of a rat to symbolize those first important lessons about life, death and how to reason, instead of accepting things as they are presented to me. I feel like those discoveries really lead me to start understanding the subtleties of abuse in many of its forms. ”

    i was extremely honored to design this tattoo. write me at sunsetgradient@gmail.com if you want a tattoo or a tattoo design by me. xx