1. sweet prince awaits you in the trash, with the knives.


  2. Anonymous said: yr handwriting is just... gosh it is so beautiful

    one of the benefits of being an under schooled drop out is being endearingly bad at tasks that require studious practice.

  3. my new book VIRTUAL CANDLE. out this year on Space Face Books. 120 pages. full color. collected works. tattoos. comix. drawings. #2014

  4. a cool log i tattooed on my friend leilani. design by leilani. 

  5. girlmountain:

    late night video excursions. low key celebrations over HTMLflowers finishing his new book for SPACE FACE . “coming soon”.

    i did it.

  6. bout to make a movie

  7. girlmountain:

    fantagraphics candyboyz 2013 outtake video

    cute boyz alert

  9. rurucomix:


    JMKE’s amazing guest piece for my upcoming debut monograph thingy with Space Face Books! almost in the editing stages now! so litlle drawing left to be done! yes! 2014!!!! 

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  10. girlmountain:

    HTMLflowers (grant gronewold) and i were interviewed for the new issue of PRINTED PAGES. it was over skype and i don’t recall what we talked about (aside from grant’s upcoming book through space face). i remember grant absentmindedly playing with a knife partway through it and finding that amusing. i hope they mention the knife. (oh yeah and we did portraits of each other for the issue. “exclusive” portraits.)

    ayyyyyyyyyyyy, they called me the wrong name on the cover BUT this was easily the best interview ive had in a years time.

    i think we started off the interview trying to play mariokart but james (interviewer) asked for our full attention which is why i ended up playing with the knife. i don’t know, we were drunk.

    <3 <3 <3

  11. stupid warm up drawing - 2014

  12. p-kyle:

    Hey I posted some more original artwork for sale.

    It’s going to be difficult to work while I’m on tour for a month. If you’d like support me to help make this trip more viable it would be greatly appreciated. 

    These three pieces plus some other nice stuff is for sale here.

    help patrick kyle fund his tour because if he is stressed and grumpy about money that will transfer to simon and then simon will come home in a bad mood and then I’LL have to pick up the pieces. basically you are supporting me by supporting simon by supporting patrick. three tumblr boyz with one stone. 

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  13. htmlflowers:

    HTMLflowers twitter

     am on twitter now. tweeting.

    reblogging for the morning crowd. <3


  14. BOOOOOOOM did a feature on me! since i was about 21 ive wished they would! i’m so happy right now! thank you jeff! <3 <3

  15. pusheen w/ pink vibrator - 2014

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