1. Anonymous said: Could you please doodle a cat? Just a quick simple draw, I want to see how you do it (:


  2. scorpimoff67 said: How do I use tumblr


  3. htmlflowers:

    "moving house - disapproving sun" - 2014 - a4, colored pencils  - drawn for “gold blood / magic weirdos” group show 2014

    for sale - 200 AUD + 7 dollars postage internationally 

    write me at sunsetgradient@gmail.com

    eyyyyyyy still available

  4. excerpt from new twins comix! to be released through Space Face Books! 

  5. closing panel from my second guest page in Simon Hanselmann’s “Truth Zone” Series.

  6. emotional beat for distant crush.

  7. fantagraphics:

    Get ready to kick back, relax, and light up a joint with us as we…Um, we—what were we doing?

    Oh yes! Office copies of Simon Hanselmann's eagerly awaited debut collection, Megahex, have hit our desks, and we are ecstatic to finally see this beloved webcomic in printed form, beautifully bound in hardcover. Whether you’re a first time reader or longtime fan of Hanselmann’s Megg, Mogg, and Owl comics, make sure to check out our downloadable preview to cool your cravings. The book is available for presale and is expected to hit stores in a month or so!

    i am so proud of my bby boy. he workt so hard and got everything he has wanted since he was a lil teen. if you don’t buy this then u dumb as fuck TBH. <3

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  8. i’m gonna take some time to deal with the grief of losing maddy. no blogging for a bit. we hadn’t talked in so long and we hadn’t left things well but i still cared for her. i will miss feeling like she is still alive in the world. thank you to everyone sending me supportive messages. anyone doubting maddy’s death or her illness plz give me at least a fucking month to grieve before you send me hate mail.

    goodbye maddy, i love you, i trusted you. <3  


  9. Anyone who come to this blog asking me about maddy need to understand I dont draw a line between mental and physical illness. Honestly I dont care if she had cystic fibrosis or not, she was in pain and no one cared and thats what I connected with. Take yr cystic fibrosis pride and nebulize it u dinguses. It aint the name of our illness that should unite us, its the knowledge of pain. fuck you so much.


  10. Anonymous said: True or false that maddy has passed away? Can you link to an obituary?

    A mutual friend wrote me to tell me she had passed a few days ago. Thats what I know. Im in a hotel in shanghai. I dont know whats going on but im really fukt about the whole thing. Havent been able to stay sober since I heard. I imagine u r a part of team fuck maddy based on how cold this message is. Fuck you she was as sick as any of us.

  11. "check out this map of my bedroom i made, see i even made a "htmlflowers mess zone" zone. yr literally sitting in that spot right now" - smons hansnensnmalmann 2014 

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  12. hospital sketchbook - autumn train ride - may 2014

  13. a spread from my collab zine “cold flickr / dim glow” w/ simon hanselmann


  14. Anonymous said: This is dumb but I wanna give you a kids

    i would be the worst dad on tumblr


  15. FAQ

    1. i’m not here to give you tips on how to do stick n pokes. google is yr friend.

    2. i am no longer designing tattoos unless i can do them on you myself. my designs are usually ruint by guns.

    3. if you write me a super short rude message ordering me to do some tattoo work for you for free out of nowhere it is 100000% percent likely that i will read yr e-mail out to a friend for the many lol. 

    4. nooooo i won’t design you some “mystical” “tribal” headdress or totem pole.

    5. my disease is called cystic fibrosis.

    6. i’m in australia.