1. rurucomix:


    JMKE’s amazing guest piece for my upcoming debut monograph thingy with Space Face Books! almost in the editing stages now! so litlle drawing left to be done! yes! 2014!!!! 

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  2. girlmountain:

    HTMLflowers (grant gronewold) and i were interviewed for the new issue of PRINTED PAGES. it was over skype and i don’t recall what we talked about (aside from grant’s upcoming book through space face). i remember grant absentmindedly playing with a knife partway through it and finding that amusing. i hope they mention the knife. (oh yeah and we did portraits of each other for the issue. “exclusive” portraits.)

    ayyyyyyyyyyyy, they called me the wrong name on the cover BUT this was easily the best interview ive had in a years time.

    i think we started off the interview trying to play mariokart but james (interviewer) asked for our full attention which is why i ended up playing with the knife. i don’t know, we were drunk.

    <3 <3 <3

  3. stupid warm up drawing - 2014

  4. p-kyle:

    Hey I posted some more original artwork for sale.

    It’s going to be difficult to work while I’m on tour for a month. If you’d like support me to help make this trip more viable it would be greatly appreciated. 

    These three pieces plus some other nice stuff is for sale here.

    help patrick kyle fund his tour because if he is stressed and grumpy about money that will transfer to simon and then simon will come home in a bad mood and then I’LL have to pick up the pieces. basically you are supporting me by supporting simon by supporting patrick. three tumblr boyz with one stone. 

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  5. htmlflowers:

    HTMLflowers twitter

     am on twitter now. tweeting.

    reblogging for the morning crowd. <3


  6. BOOOOOOOM did a feature on me! since i was about 21 ive wished they would! i’m so happy right now! thank you jeff! <3 <3

  7. pusheen w/ pink vibrator - 2014

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  8. (home) anywhere i lay my head - 2012

    thinking of making some a5 posters of this old drawing. would you purchase? write me to discourage or encourage this idea. 

  9. a photo taken two weeks ago of me tattooing a cute witch onto my friend Ana’s arm. 

    photo by the amazing Justin Mclean


  10. Anonymous said: about how long do you take on each tattoo? i absolutely love your work and aspire to be as great at snp as you!!!

    thank you for the compliment.

    the time for each piece varies depending on many factors including: where the tattoo is on the body, how ideal the lighting is and how complex the design is. but i can sort out most designs in a three hour window including set up and clean down time. i work quicker in my own home so alot of my best times have been here in my bedroom. 

    often working at someone elses house complicates things cause i’m not familiar with the space so i’m not certain of how best to position myself, often the lighting is not as strong as it should be so i have to take my time to do it as well as possible and i get generally nervous about sterilization so i spend extra time cleaning the space.

    but really it’s different every time, small things can effect it like if there are alot of wavy lines that takes longer cause i need to be rotating my position as i work, where as with a straight line i can just focus and lay it down in one smooth motion. i have had some tattoos that have taken less than 30 minutes and some that have taken up to 10 hours. so yeah, there are always tiny factors influencing the pace of the work .

    that’s about all i can think of that’s related to your question. <3 <3 

  11. collaborative drawing by me and Oliver Van Der Lugt back in 2010. he does really cool music under Air Max ‘97.  

    i wish so much to tattoo this on someone one day. write me if yr down for it. <3



    does anyone in berlin have the equipment and skill to snap some 300 DPI shots of two tattoos i have done on an old friend? if you had a macro lens and a knowledge of lighting that would be really good!! 

    if you help me out i will send you a care package filled with comix and idiotic things i draw on scrap paper. the image will be used for my upcoming book with Space Face Books and you will of course be credited for your work. plz be in touch if you are someone who could do this or you know someone who could do this. PLZ SHARE THIS IF ANYONE IN BERLIN FOLLOWS YOUR BLOG!!! <3


  13. Anonymous said: Could you please doodle a cat? Just a quick simple draw, I want to see how you do it (:


  14. scorpimoff67 said: How do I use tumblr


  15. htmlflowers:

    "moving house - disapproving sun" - 2014 - a4, colored pencils  - drawn for “gold blood / magic weirdos” group show 2014

    for sale - 200 AUD + 7 dollars postage internationally 

    write me at sunsetgradient@gmail.com

    eyyyyyyy still available